Jo Malmi

Intrigued by the flow of lace and the feel of satin, Jo went through life gazing at her mother's Vogue pile in the living room. The feel of mohair and the regal tones of blue amazed her so she studied to be a fashion designer with an interest in millinery. It is her belief that one is not completely dressed unless one wears a hat. In the last few years she has taken millinery courses at Central St. Martins in London and completed internship with rising fashion designer Timur Kim.

As a pre-school teacher, she loves kids and spends long hours crafting beautiful items with them. As of late, Jo has been designing headpieces for her little friends with some of her designs featuring in fashion shoots for baby wear. Her collections also feature bridal headpieces and elegant custom-made hats.

In her free time, she enjoys baking a sinful chocolate cake and escaping to cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm. Japan is still on the cards...